Invite Andrew Kooman to Speak

Andrew Kooman at TCIFF film festival - photo by Stan Barua

Wondering what you can do to grow in your creative gifts or how to address injustice, but don't know where to start?

Andrew loves to come alongside groups and organizations to help them tap into their unique giftedness and to address injustice with creativity and faith in order to see effective change.

Andrew provides keynotes, workshops and joins panels to discuss a range of topics that include:

  • Creatively and Effectively Addressing Injustice
  • How Art, Faith and Justice Create Synergy
  • Creativity and Writing
  • Producing and Managing Projects
  • Discovering Gifts and Identity



Andrew has a way of weaving you in and out of the story as if you were experiencing the events yourself.  He shares with passion, courage, and humility. 

-- Eric Rajah, A Better World Canada

Learn what others are saying about Andrew and his work:

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Andrew has also worked alongside groups and organizations to bring big projects -- like film, books, and theatrical productions -- to life.

Maybe you'd like to commission an original script, need help editing a book, or are looking for a speaker to give context about global justice issues and how individuals can use their passion and faith to make a difference. 

Whether it's something mentioned above or something in between, fill out the form below and start a conversation.