Theophilus - Series

Lucas, a brilliant medic in the Roman 5th Legion discovers a cover-up that threatens the Emperor. His stellar service to Caesar on the fringes of the Empire garners him an invite to Rome where he further distinguishes himself among peers battling for power.



Andrew is currently developing a historical series set in 1st Century Rome. It's an origin story packed with action and humour.


Lucas, an aspiring physician from Antioch cuts his teeth as a medic in the Roman 5th legion under the protection of his family’s slave.  His forensic investigation into a rebellion during the brutal Battle of Baduhenna puts him in good graces with  battle-tested General Lucius Apronius who helps to fast-track his medical training after the war. As he ascends the social ladder of Rome he is placed on a high-stakes mission to bury the strange rumours creating political scandal in the Capital when strange reports of the undead being sighted in a far-off and volatile Roman outpost.  The pressure to solve the supernatural mystery with scientific evidence thrusts Lucas into a series of adventures that could shake the very foundations on which Rome was built.

Description: Original Series

It’s like: Sherlock Holmes meets Gladiator

Production Status: Pilot is Script-Ready

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